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Tips for Success When Adapting to Progressive Lenses

April 2, 2010

For first-time progressive wearers;

  • Get used to your new lenses while sitting down, in front of television is ideal
  • If you are struggling to find the reading zone re-orient yourself by looking straight ahead then look down to read again
  • Remember the golden rule; point your nose to where you want to look
  • In time it is likely you will be able to walk up and down stairs, but take care and tuck in your chin and point your nose to your toes – take glasses off if you are uncomfortable
  • Extreme care is recommended when driving; do not use new progressives if you are not confident in the early days.

Previous Progressive Lens Wearers;

  • It is likely the strength of your prescription has increased, and your lens design may have also been changed
  • These changes require adaptation time, similar to when you first got progressive lenses
  • Follow the above tips especially for finding the reading zone

Previous Occupational Progressive Lens wearers;

  • Your lens design has changed from a lens specific for reading and desk use.
  • As you now have three focus zones instead of two you will be aware of peripheral distortions more.
  • Most importantly allow time to adapt to new lenses.

3 Month Warranty

For people who do not successfully adapt to progressive lenses, we can arrange a warranty exchange to single vision or bifocal lenses.

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